Segrave Foulkes Publishers creates and publishes top-quality wine books in a unique partnership with authors and an international network of distribution partners.

The lead titles are Inside Burgundy by Jasper Morris MW and Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson. Both are acclaimed by leading critics as the ‘bibles’ of their respective areas. Both titles are owned by their respective authors, who work with Segrave Foulkes to manage, publish and distribute.

The books reach winelovers via an unusual sales network: top wine businesses rather than book-trade outlets or e-commerce. These partner companies already have wine-lovers as customers – potential wine-book buyers.  

Both titles have had admiring reviews from top critics. Inside Burgundy won the André Simon Memorial Prize for best wine book of the year for its First Edition in 2010 – and did so again in 2021 for its Second Edition.

The current Segrave Foulkes ‘Inside Wine Books’ business builds on a decade of success.  In 2010 the Segrave Foulkes partners joined London wine merchants Berry Bros & Rudd to create and run Berry Bros. & Rudd Press. This venture has been, in the words of BB&R Wine Director Mark Pardoe MW,  “a unique arrangement – and a resounding commercial success.” In October 2022 BB&R, feeling that both titles were now firmly established, handed the rights in the ‘Inside…’ books to their respective authors.

Segrave Foulkes continues to work with Berry Bros & Rudd on books for the company. Exploring & Tasting Wine: a Wine Course with Digressions, is created by the Segrave Foulkes team working with Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine School and Lizzie B Design. A new edition, revised and expanded, was published in November 2022. The next BB&R Press title, due in June 2023, will be a short history of the company to mark its 325th year.


Four interactive eBooks drawn from Inside Burgundy, and an eBook of Exploring & Tasting Wine, have been published on Apple’s Book Store. Further eBook titles are in development.


Segrave Foulkes has partnered publishers in the UK and abroad such Larousse and Gründ of France, Hallwag of Germany and Switzerland, and Het Spectrum of Holland to produce fine books for connoisseurs. These include the original creation of Larousse Des Vins. Works on great wine estates include the magisterial Château Latour by Edmund Penning-Rowsell and books on Taylor’s port and Dow’s port.

The Partners

Over their careers as wine publishers and editors, Chris Foulkes and Carrie Segrave have worked with leading experts such as current authors Jasper Morris MW and Jane Anson. In the past they have published and edited books by Hugh Johnson, the late Michael Broadbent MW and Jancis Robinson MW. Books they have edited or published have gained more than 60 awards in the USA, Britain, Germany and France. Books they have edited have won the André Simon Prize nine times.